Cabinet Members of Puntland known to the Diaspora as “Naas iyo Nikaax” Part I.

Cabinet Members of Puntland known to the Diaspora as “Naas iyo Nikaax” Part I.

By Prof. Farjac

In memory of Abdullahi Mahdi Hassan (Sayid)


There are three branches of the government that balance each other in most of the democratic governments. Depending n the system adopted, in some countries, in addition to the executive, legislative and judiciary branches, there are other branches. In Puntland the three branches exist, but two of the branches exist nominally, namely legislative and judiciary branches. These two branches have no powers to counter balance the executive branch. The executive branch that enjoys all the powers is composed on the president, vice president and the cabinet of ministers. Moreover, all the power of the executive branch is concentrated into the hand of the president. The president is the supreme ruler of the country. There is no power that could challenge him. According to the lopsided often broken constitution (old and new), only 66 poor spineless and easily bribable clan representatives can elect the president.


Judiciary and Legislative Branch:- The Judiciary branch lost its powers in previous administrations, and its members are accustomed to be stripped of power, nominated, fired and replaced by the new president of the time. The current members of the Judciary branch of Puntland are not an exception. They are serving their term at the pleasure of the president. If they challenge the president, they will be arrested, jailed and tried for treason. On the side of the legislative branch, everybody knows the ignorance of the tribal chief appointees (clan representatives in the parliament-“parliamentarians”) on the continuously broken constitution and their lack of power in challenging the president. Besides, the fear of individual retribution from the president to any member of the legislative branch, prevented a real challenge of the presidential power abuse.

The illegal precedents set by previous regimes of Puntland allowed the current president to go beyond the extra miles in legitimizing new illegal practices. That is why we are not totally blaming the current administration for all of the ills of Puntland.

This article focuses solely part of the executive branch, namely the cabinet members of Puntland. The topic is important for the change needed for economic and social development of Puntland. It is because of their cabinet members that other parts of Somalia (specifically Somaliland) moved forward toward economic progress and military might.


After several reviews, and careful edits by colleagues, it has been reduced to a smaller article. Moreover, in order to be understood by the readers of all levels, it has been rewritten into a simpler 8th grade level English, without technical and political jargon. Originally the article has been written in Italian language and published in Italian websites. In order to reach a wider targeted audience, it has been translated into English and Somali.


The need for some individuals who act openly as a constructive opposition and guide the administration to the right path, but not detrimental to whatever little is left for Puntland is paramount. Therefore, we have to walk on a thin line on telling the truth without offending anyone.

There are those of you who are blindly poisoned by loyalty to tribalism, clanism, and regardless of the message being conveyed they view the articles as an attack to their clan/administration of Puntland with mere fabrications and false accusations.

Please be prepared to be surprised because you might be traumatized when you read the shocking truth in the coming articles when we analyze each department separately.

We have collected very sensitive damaging information on the current and previous administration in general and the current members of the executive branch in particular, but we will refrain ourselves from disseminating the sensitive information for the greater interest of Puntland.

Cabinet Members:-

In order to execute the various functions of the government, the functions of the executive branch have been divided into sectors and departments (ministers), which have been delegated to act on behalf of the president. There are more than 22 departments (Dr. Ali Warsame-Puntland iyo Wasaaradeheeda: Each department is lead by a secretary with several deputy secretaries. Every department is composed of divisions, bureaus, sections and units led by a head of that subdivision. Since there are no projects or any social and economic development in any department except the departments that bring in money, one would ask what do they do, and why so many of them? Beats me!

Who are the members of Cabinet of Ministers?

Even though the president promised that he will not include someone with bad habits such as smoking or chewing khat leaves in his cabinet, it is well known that some of the cabinet ministers are notorious womanizers, khat chewers, alcohol, cigarette, prozac, x-pill, marijuana, crack cocaine, crystal meth, speed and porn websites addicts.  Some of them were seeing psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and various types of shrinks for their mental disturbance. They are on heavy medications and if they don’t get their daily doses, they could go off the wall.  Some of them are criminals who committed heinous crimes at the beginning of the Somali civil war before they became refugees and obtained sponsorship from relatives or bought it for sale. Others embezzled government funds previously. In the coming articles, when we are analyzing each department separately we will provide you with much in depth information regarding the vices (drug addiction, etc.,) of each cabinet member, the educational background, the experience, the current abuse of power in the department, the body guards and the number of technicals of each cabinet member. Furthermore, we will provide you the names and the amount of funds they have embezzled, if the embezzled funds exceed the minimum threshold that we have set forth.


Diaspora Cabinet Memebrs Resume:-

The fact that the president nominated individuals from the Diaspora doesn’t necessarily mean that they are educated and qualified to run the various departments of the state of Puntland. In fact, most of the cabinet members of the current administration are from obscure background, and for some time they were seeking jobs from previous administrations. Most of them were Somali refugees in western countries, who never held steady jobs and did odd jobs such as temporary gas station attendants, cab drivers, workers of chicken and turkey processing factories and were known as feather plucking experts, ghetto drug dealers, pizza delivery boys, butchers of slaughterhouses, kosher (halal) meat market workers, welfare recipients, orderly and nurse assistants of home health care, mail couriers, grocery store baggers, night shift security officers, truckers, restaurant waiters, insurance sales agents, hawala and money transfer dealers, tribal community workers (In Minneapolis alone there are seven separate Somali Clan based interest groups claiming to be Somali Community Associations, each one receiving funds from the state of Minnesota, and U.S. Federal Government Agencies. This is common in most of the American, Canadian, European cities where several Somalis found refugee status. We have seen a Canadian city where, apart from other Somalis, there were only eight Majerteni refugees. They started with one of their own Somali Community Association but ended up with eight separate Somali Community Associations. Go figure the mentality of certain Majertenis!).


Even though most of these individuals, except the welfare recipients, held noble professions, we believe that they don’t have the qualifications to run an entire department which requires qualifications above their expertise. The most highly qualified are the ones who interrupted their bachelor degree programs for these positions. A friend who read the draft of this article corrected us that there are five individuals with known degrees in which two of the cabinet members graduated in 2006 and 2007. But the friend admitted that they don’t have the required credentials for cabinet positions and the experience needed to hold such positions. The friend emphasized that some of them are so young (in their 20s), that they are incapable of being leaders of small communities let alone an entire department of Puntland. He stressed out that the very young cabinet members not only lack the knowledge and skills of being leaders, but they don’t have the social skills of getting along with other cabinet members.


It is a clear fact that most of the cabinet members of Puntland from the Diaspora have failed in the countries they resided as refugees or permanent residents or obtained the citizenship. They don’t have any track records.


Even though one could argue that his cousin has some sort of higher education degrees, we believe that none of them has a bachelor degree or the minimum qualification of a year applicable for the positions to which they have been appointed. If you would like to defend your cousin or the administration of Puntland or for that matter the cabinet members of Somalia, please name one cabinet member that is qualified for the position to which he has been nominated. Can you come up with one name? We rest our case.


In addition of the poor quality of the cabinet nominees, Dr. Nurudin was even disgusted the number of the secretaries (ministers) and undersecretaries (vice ministers) that were nominated. Excluding the various departments which were downgraded to Directorate levels at that time, there were only 39 cabinet members ( What Dr. Nurudin would say today, that the number of cabinet members hover over 53? Today we would have asked him how he feels the number of cabinet ministers for the small state of Puntland. Sorry to say that the administration is not done yet with the nomination of new cabinet members. Apart from the secretary of the department of birds, monkeys, turtle, gazelles, hyenas and snakes, we are expecting the nomination of the secretary of the department of clothing and cooking utensils (Dharka iyo maacuunta), the Department of Hides and Skins (Hargaha iyo Saamaha), the department of Banks and Money Transfer Regulations, the Department of Refugees and Resettlement of the Somalis from the South, the Department of Resettlement and Housing of the Diaspora and many others. Let us know if you need a position, go to the closest Dahab Shiil, we will electronically wire you a cabinet position.


We would like the Diaspora, the educated, the intellectuals, the politicians, the religious leaders, the merchants, the citizens and the media to engage in a healthy debate on the issue.


A friend couldn’t understand why the shuffle and the reshuffle of the cabinet members. Furthermore, he couldn’t understand the reasons when one is removed, another one of the same sub-clan is replaced with? Unfortunately, we were unable to explain to him the intricacies and the complexity of the clan politics of the current administration. In the coming second part of this article, we go further and explain the reasons behind the shuffle and reshuffle of the cabinet members, the lack of planning, accountability, the lack of an independent audit agency, the entourage of 120 bodyguards and the standard five technicals for each cabinet member.

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